Confession of faith
of Evangelical Christian Church

Evangelical Christian Church is composed of the congregation that confess the following truths of the faith:


There is one God, revealed as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit;


God-Father created the universe and showed his love to a man through sacrificing his Son Jesus Christ;


Jesus Christ is the Son of God who took the flesh of Virgin Mary for our salvation, was crucified, resurrected, ascended into heaven, from there He will come again in glory;


Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of man and the only mediator between God and men;


The Holy Spirit is God equally to Father and Son, who brings us to sanctification and gives power and charismas through baptism of the Holy Spirit;


The Bible, consisting of 46 Books from the Old Testament and 27 Books from the New Testament, is the Word of God, infallible and inspired by the Holy Spirit;


Man is sinful;


Man is saved for free, by grace through faith, regardless of the deeds;


Evangelical Christian Church is the body of Jesus Christ, in which He is the Head;


The saved man will resurrect and have eternal life, whereas the unsaved – eternal condemnation;


All the believers constitute common priesthood bringing prayer and fast as a spiritual offering to God;


The overarching goal of every believer as well as of the whole Evangelical Christian Church is living according to the rules based on the message from the Scriptures and also preaching the Gospel – Good News – to all the people and making them disciples of Jesus Christ.

Evangelical Christian Church | Os. Powstańców Śląskich,
Pawilon Usługowy nr 7/1, 44-240 Żory

Correspondence address: 44-240 Żory P.O. box 50

Evangelical Christian Church is registered in section A of the registered churches and other religious associations upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration at no. 161

NIP: 651-168-65-10, REGON: 240321600